Sunday, April 14, 2013

Visiting Georges Vanier Elem in Surrey, BC

In March, awesome 6th/7th grade teacher and #geniushour evangelist Gallit Zvi came to visit my school during her Spring Break.  This past Friday of my Spring Break, I got to visit her school!

I expected to get to see an awesome co-taught classroom with Gallit (@gallit_z) and Hugh McDonald (@hughtheteacher), including an hour of #geniushour time with their kiddos.  What I got to see what so much more!  Georges Vanier Elementary in Surrey, BC, is an amazing example of a great, enthusiastic, supportive group of teachers being led by a truly 21st Century principal: Antonio Vendramin (@vendram1n).

I rolled in at about 10am, just as the kids were finishing their first of three "blocks" for the day.  They dashed off for snack and recess while I gushed to Gallit and Hugh about their awesome room.  The stack of extra-large portable whiteboard for kid use, and the white boards and bulletin boards on sliding tracks in front of the kids' cubbies both brought to mind many of the amazing ideas in Make Space, Stanford dSchool's awesome collaborative space design book (@makespacebook).