Wednesday, March 27, 2013

First set of 2013 Science Symposium surveys!

Our school Science Symposium is coming up soon, and several of my students are collecting data via surveys to support different psychology-esque analyses.  The first one is ready for print!  This student has two surveys, and a very specific experimental design...  Please follow carefully to ensure data that is accurate to his design!

(1) Take the following survey!  You can also give it to your students, classmates, friends, colleagues, or whomever might like to take it!

(2) At least 24 hours later, take THIS survey!  Do not look at this survey until 24 hours after taking the first survey, please.  If you are giving this survey to your students, friends, they should also be sure to wait 24 hours to fill out this second one.

These surveys will likely close on Tuesday, April 2.  Thank you!  I'll be posting additional surveys by my other psychology-minded students soon.

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