Tuesday, June 18, 2013

#DesignFest At ISTE13

Welcome to the pre- and post-conference landing point for DesignFest: Science Units for Global Collaborative Knowledge Creation!  This session will be / is being / was held at ISTE's national conference on Tuesday, June 25 at 10:30am in SACC 005.  Use the resources here before the session to learn  how to apply global collaboration pedagogies and knowledge-creation discourse strategies, and continue working with others after the session to build projects ready for cross-classroom collaboration with your kids!

To access the resources available for DesignFest, please visit the DesignFest ISTE 2013 Google Drive Folder (also accessible via the QR code below.  There, you'll find a collaborative notes document and a spreadsheet for participants to share and begin collaborating.  You'll also find:

  • A report on the benefits of place-based education
  • A paper by Prof. Jan van Aalst on supporting knowledge-creation discourse among learners
  • A paper by Prof. John Loughran on the complex problem of understanding the relationship between teaching and learning - pedagogy
  • A document of resources, including a link to the session's Prezi

I know many folks will be following ISTE from home via #ISTE13 and other hashtags.  Please join a conversation on developing collaborative science units via #DesignFest !

By the way, if you haven't joined the ISTE Ning "social network" yet, jump in and join the Nerdy Science Teachers group as another way to connect with science teachers while at the conference!

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