Monday, January 6, 2014

I got tagged...

So the lovely @jennzia tagged me to do a silly post, but I adore her, so here goes...  :-)

1.) Acknowledge the nominating blogger:  Jennifer Chan!
2.) Share 11 random facts about yourself.
3.) Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger created for you.
4.) List 11 bloggers.
5.) Post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer and let all the bloggers know they have been nominated.


11 random facts about Lindsey Own:

- I live on the 3rd steepest street in Seattle.
- I went to an all-girls Catholic boarding school in Germany in 7th grade.  Yes, the teachers were nuns.  Yes, there were skeletons in full vestments in the chapel.
- I know from experience that I'd rather work with middle schoolers every day than conduct molecular or cellular biology research, conduct learning sciences research, work in state-level education administration, or be a stay-at-home-parent.
- In the two years after she was born, over two dozen strangers asked me questions assuming my black-haired half-Chinese daughter was adopted. (Where is she originally from?)  Only one person has asked similar questions since my blonde half-Chinese son was born.
- I think of WAY better comebacks about an hour later.
- I always try to write in lists of three.  Lists of 11 are simple unwieldy.
- I'm 5 foot 1 + 3/4 inches tall. (That's about 157 cm, Jenn.)  I'm taller than both of my maternal grandparents.
- I'm approximately 87th author on exactly one scientific paper, as Lindsey Stephens.
- My first live music concert was Michael Jackson.  My second was the New Kids On The Block.  I was a Donnie girl, obviously.
- In 9th grade, I once skipped a Jimmy Buffet concert to stay home and study for a biology test the next day.  I have friends who claim they only remain friends because I skipped that concert.
- I purposely started dressing more feminine this year when I became the only female STEM teacher in our middle school, to draw more attention to the fact that I'm a girl who loves science.


And now for Jenn's questions:

1.) What job changed your life?  Working in a fly lab... I was so horrendously BORED that I decided I definitely didn't want to work in lab biology.  I worked in a few more labs after that, but it was that fly lab that sealed the deal.  I was also taking a cognitive science course at the same time, and it was those cogsci courses that really pulled me into education and learning sciences.

2.) What is your strongest quality?  Tenacity.  When I truly believe in something and want to get it done... IT GETS DONE.  See Adventure Days.

3.) Coffee or tea?  Tea. Green with honey, usually, but I'm not too picky.

4.) Are you a city or country person?  Absolutely city.  I like hiking and stuff, but I LOVE the city.

5.) What is your ideal vacation?  That's completely impossible to answer... Basically, going anywhere new with my family, embedding ourselves somewhere comfy like a nice apartment, and exploring.  Shanghai, Rome, Rio de Janiero... wherever.  Of course, an expeditionary cruise to Antarctica wouldn't be bad!

6.) Finish this sentence: I make the best... oatmeal.

7.) What TV show could you have on repeat in the background forever?  I'm going to go all Pacific Northwest Hippie on this question and say "I don't watch TV!"  Maybe Ru Paul's Drag Race?

8.) What kind of board games do you like?  Settlers of Catan is great with friends.  Ridiculous party games like Cards Against Humanity or Whoonu.  I love the new cooperative game trend for kids' games, like Hoot Owl Hoot.

9.) What books are you looking forward to reading this year?  I just checked out Hotel On The Corner of Bitter and Sweet, which looks amazing.  My brand spankin' new copy of Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain just came in the mail today.  Also, any and every graphic novel recommendation that @wickeddecent throws at me.

10.) What activity do you wish was an Olympic Sport so you could compete in it?  Toddler tickling

11.) What is your Myers-Briggs profile?  Oh sheesh... I don't remember.  ENTP?  The test Jenn linked to says I'm ENFJ.

Sorry, I'm going to break the chain...  Looking forward to seeing other people's responses to Jenn's great questions.  :-)

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