Sunday, April 5, 2015

A 3D Printing Adventure

A nice quick blog post...

With my exciting new job coming up next year, I decided I needed to do something *really* splashy for our annual school fundraising auction... Something ultra "maker"-y... So I got it into my head to make a necklace featuring a 3D printed pendant of the auction's official logo. Here's how I did it:

1.) I downloaded an image file of the logo from our website, and threw it into Photoshop to make all but the main logo itself transparent. I did this just using the magic wand tool to select the parts of the image I wanted, copied, then pasted into a new transparent-background file. Very easy. Here's a quick guide.

2.) Next - and this was honestly the hardest part - I converted the transparent jpg file to an svg file. In searching and searching, I could only find one tool that could get the job done... This guide and online converter saved my bacon. From there, it was easy to just import into Tinkercad

3.) In Tinkercad, I added a background to hold the letters together, and two small loops to hold a necklace chain. My priorities were to keep the letters at the absolute forefront, and keep the pendant sturdy but as delicate as possible. The oval ring gave it a nice Jetsons feel!

4.) 3D printed! Using our not-amazing-resolution but incredibly reliable Cube 2nd Generation.

5.) After carefully sanding off the raft and various nicks, I visited Fusion Beads here in Seattle to choose a chain and some accent beads for the necklace. I used a purple paint pen to color the letters themselves, and just a normal black Sharpie to color the background ring, and I needed a pair of needle nose pliers to place the beads and chain.

6.) My necklace was a big hit! (As were the coordinating shrinky-dink earrings made by my lil' maker daughter!)

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