Tuesday, October 8, 2013

#MakerEd Class: Success! And Assessment?

Today was @swhitmer_edu 's and my 4th #MakerEd class - Wired For Art... well enough into some making that kids are starting to really get frustrated, and some are starting to really see the fruits of their labor!

The kids' first *real* assignment (beyond Day 1: MakeyMakey Play!) has been to figure out circuitry to make an LED-illuminated wrist cuff.  See below for some awesome success!

A few cool notes: The bottom left cuff was the first one completed!  That one was incredibly proud young lady!  The upper right is a light-up PopTart cuff... seriously!  And, perhaps most importantly, note the blue and purple cuff in the lower right...

About 20 minutes before, the young lady wearing that cuff was loudly lamenting "I'll never get it to work! I don't get it!  I can't do it!" @swhitmer_edu and I took turns walking her through checking the leads on her LEDs, looking for shorts, and alternately just ignoring her and saying "keep working in it... you'll find it."

As you can see above, it worked!  She replaced a busted LED and trimmed some loose conductive thread that was causing shorts and - lo! - her LED lit up like a charm!

This afternoon, we decided it was time to nail down some specific "goals" for the course, in the interest of knowing what we'll be looking for when it comes time to write reports.  In keeping with #MakerEd assessment not being about using the right number of LEDs or using just so many series circuits vs parallel circuits, here's what we came up with:

Basically: make something cool, make it well, persevere, and explain how it works!  (And, since our class is called Wired For Art, it's gotta be electronic at this point... Makey, LEDs, Arduino, whatevs.)

Props to our kids and feedback on our assessment goals are both welcome!

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