Saturday, March 19, 2016

Collections of photos of our space

the wall of joy

with tables out (and Nick working)

the soldering corner

wide view. woodworking room to the left, digital out of view to the right

The woodworking room. Still in process. main room visible through window on right

digital room with main room visible to left

digital room with greenscreen on right

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  1. Hi there- I have followed you on Twitter as a great resource on Maker Spaces and I am in the process of developing a "shopping list" for an initial setup of a space at my high school. I have read a lot about the philosophy of choosing equipment but wasn't sure if you could recommend a place where educators are sharing the pros and cons of specific brands or models. For example, if after going through the pre-thought and usage models, it is agreed that we should explore 3D printers (or laser cutters or cnc routers etc), is there a location where educators are discussing which models are working best in their schools? Thanks in advance for your guidance. I really appreciate all of the work you do (and share online!). Best, Greg @gmertz17