Sunday, August 14, 2016

Get out the vote... for SXSWedu 2017!

Enlearn is an organization developing truly awesome adaptive educational technology, including some of my favorite math games! I've been bugging them to apply to SXSWedu for a couple years, so let's get them in this year!

Lisa Castaneda and Foundry10 are doing some incredible work with VR, student-driven learning, gaming, and other amazing areas in education. This is another group new to the SXSWedu community, and they can bring a ton to conversations across the conference. Let's get 'em in!

HackPDXXL ! Maggie Powers, Matt Mineau, and I are proposing a problem-solver session to consider how we might scale up the innovation and disruption in classroom, small-scale, and online learning to the massive-scale annual conference PD model... Pretty meta, really.  :-)

Ellen and Dan and improvisation... Will be a highly engaging, culture-transforming workshops! They've got two in the hopper, so let's make it really hard for the executive committee to choose between the two.  :-)

The Real JamCam, in - I think - his SXSWedu debut! Virtual reality in the humanities classroom will be fascinating, and the workshop structure will be very practical... my faves.

Charles Shryock and his team leading a design session on school workflow systems... We don't often get above the classroom level to school and district levels, and this session will be incredibly valuable for technology developers and other non-school-based education enthusiasts.

Jessica Lura and her team, and critical thinking!

Donna, Zeina, and Ian on computational thinking!

Ashley, Amanda, and Cheryl

Chris and Jill


Sex Ed sessions,  because sex ed should be central to any conversations about making learning more student-centered and promoting preparation for global citizenship and personal independence! I don't know these folks personally, but Cory Silverberg (first link) wrote two of my favorite sex ed resources for young learners!


  1. Thanks for posting the the topics about sex ed -- the ladies at the Annex Teen Clinic are always on point and informational with their presentations :)

  2. Lindsey, I'm with the Annex Teen Clinic and one of the people who submitted sessions. Thank you so much for being a supporter of sexuality education and getting the word out about our sessions! Building authentic youth-adult partnerships and practicing positive youth development in sexuality education is foundational to the work we do. It's something that I want to get everyone on board with, because I think it can not only help young people to take charge of their sexual health, but their lives. It sounds like you are the same page!

    1. Thank you for doing what you do, Ellen! I do think we're on the same page... I've fought for more sex ed my whole career, and we've got a pretty decent middle school program now. Getting down to elementary soon!

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